Beekeeping Supplies

We offer a full list of quality beekeeping supplies necessary for all experience levels-from beginner to expert. 

Get in touch with our beekeeping supplies expert, David Ramirez at our shop: 858-755-2051 for current pricing. 


Bee Suits:

Zipper Veil Suit 

Zipper Veil Suit XXL & XXXL

Hooded Cotton Suit 

Hooded Cotton Jacket


Bee Veils:

Excelsior Round Veil

Folding Veil w/String 

Folding Veil w/Zipper


Beekeeping Hats:

Ventilated Helmet

Plastic Helmet


Beekeeping Gloves:


Ventilated Leather Gloves 

Regular Leather Gloves

Plastic Canvas Gloves



4 x 7 Smoker Stainless Steel

4 x 7 Smoker with Shield

4 x 10 Smoker with Shield

Smoker Fuel 


Hand Tools:

Hive Tool

Maxant Hive Tool

Bee Brush

Capping Scratcher 

Frame Cleaner 

Frame Grip

Spur Embedder


Frame Wire:

1/2 lb. Spool

1 lb. Spool

5 lb. Spool


Hive Accessories:

Bee Scape

Inner Cover Only

Fume Pad

Flat Wood Top Assemble

Flat Wood Top Knockdown

Flat Wood Bottom Assemble

Flat Wood Bottom Knockdown

Hive Bodies Assemble

Hive Bodies Knockdown

Hive Body w/Frames Assemble w/Wax

6-5/8 Supers Assemble

Super Box w/Frames Assemble w/Wax


Frame 9-1/8 Assemble w/Wax

6-1/4 Assemble w/Wax

Frame Separator 

Metal Queen Excluder

Plastic Queen Excluder 

Complete Bee Hive Assemble w/Wax


Wax Foundation:


Medium Foundation: 8-1/8 & 5-1/4



Entrance Feeder

Entrance Feeders w/Jar

Inner Feeder